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Become a pilot for the day

on board our flight simulators

Our best packages

Always dreamed of flying a plane? Now everyone can experience being a pilot for the day solo or in a pair in Belgium.

Our best packages

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A320 aviasim

The AviaSim Experience

With one hand on the throttle and the other on the controls, the plane will accelerate quickly as you take off in the direction of any city you choose. When it’s time to switch to cruise control, soak in the panoramic views and experience the sensation of free flight. But don’t lose your concentration just yet… the landing is coming up soon!

A snapshot of our simulators:

  • A real, fully partitioned cockpit 
  • Accompanied by a professional flight instructor 
  • 180-degree views bringing the terrain to life with photo-realistic quality 
  • 24,000 departure and arrival airports to choose from, including 40 in high resolution 
  • Capacity to fit 3 people in the simulator (in addition to the flight instructor)
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Launched in 2012, AviaSim is Europe’s leading leisure network specializing in aeronautical simulation. We’re excited to lay our suitcases down in Brussels. Passionate about all things aviation, our founder Thomas Gasser started the company to share his own experience with the world and offer everyone the chance to enjoy mind-blowing entertainment.

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They speak about us

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An incredible tool

“Launched in France in 2012, AviaSim is an industry-leading leisure network specializing in aerospace simulation in France, across Europe and Canada.”

Buckle up

“The "Captain-of-the-day" gets to experience all phases of flight from taxiing, to take-off and landing manoeuvres at the international airport of your choice with 24,000 airports to choose from.”

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